Imaging the R-Series Servers


Create Factory Recovery USB Stick

  1. Download a USB stick image from Senstar to the Technician PC - the file will be a zip archive
  2. Create or locate a temporary folder on the Technician PC on a drive with at least 8GB of free space
  3. Extract the zip archive to the temporary folder
  4. Insert a USB flash drive
    Note: The USB drive will be formatted. All its contents will be lost.
  5. Open Command Prompt as Administrator inside the temporary folder (or cd into the temporary folder)
  6. Run:
    MakeFactoryRecoveryUSB.cmd X:
    (where X is the drive letter of the USB drive)
    Note: This script may take a long time to complete as it will be writing a lot of data to the USB drive.
  7. Eject the USB drive in File Explorer

Load Image onto R-Series NVR

  1. Connect the R-Series server to a network with internet access - an internet connection is needed to obtain a license file
  2. Insert the USB drive into the R-Series server
  3. For PowerEdge servers:
    1. Power-on the server
    2. Select F2 -System Setup
    3. Select System BIOS > Boot Settings
    4. Change Boot Mode to UEFI
    5. Exit System BIOS save changes
    6. Select iDRAC Settings
    7. Select Communications Permissions
    8. Change Pass-through Configuration  to USB NIC
    9. New: Check that USB NIC IP Address is Change if needed.
    10. Exit iDRAC Settings save changes
    11. Shut down and power-on the server
    12. Select the F11 - Boot Manager option
    13. Select One-shot UEFI Boot Menu
    14. Select Disk connected to <front/back> USB #: <Disk Make> <Capacity>GB
    For OptiPlex servers:
    1. Power-on the server
    2. Press F12 to for Boot Menu
    3. Select the USB drive and press Enter
  4. Wait for WinPE to boot and start running the Setup tool
  5. The Setup tool will automatically prepare and image the system drives
  6. After the Setup tool completes the system will shutdown
  7. Remove the USB drive
  8. New: Make sure the server is still connected to a network with a DHCP server (it does not have to be on the internet at this point but it needs to be able to get an IP address due to a bug with Setup Wizard).
  9. Power-on the R-Series, it will boot into Windows and run part one of it's initialization script.
  10. Wait while the system automatically reboots and runs part two initialization script.
  11. Wait for the initialization script to complete and restart the system a second time.
  12. Open Start > Senstar Symphony > Symphony Client
  13. Open Server Configuration
  14. Login with Username/Password: Admin/Admin
  15. Select tab: Licenses
  16. Verify the number of licenses for Per Camera Licenses is correct